New Earth Business Academy

Imagine a beautiful, high vibe community

in which you get ALL your business and visibility needs met –

from deep within your soul – 

all the way out to the physical manifestation of reality!

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YOU are an awesome spiritual biz owner with a vision and a message –
but it can feel challenging finding teachers,
coaches and a community you can vibe with – a Tribe who TRULY understands you!

So many coaches out there aren’t putting spirituality in the mix when it comes to your unique biz, visibility & money challenges – and you are tired of spending loads of money on programs that simply aren’t a match for your true needs.

Your business is run from your heart, soul and spirit
Isn’t it time that you start getting your multidimensional needs met?

And…does this sound familiar?…

> Although you’ve been in biz for a while, you hesitate to take your business to the next level and go for greater visibility, because you keep feeling like you have to improve your skills first.

It is time to kick that limiting belief to the curb and start sharing your gifts and talents NOW with a world that will truly benefit by you shining!


If you are a coach, visionary, change agent or aspiring transformational leader, and you want to guide your clients to experience deep transformation and incredible results…but you feel like you’re not yet making the impact you want to…you are in the right place.

If you seek:

> A biz school that gives you both magical AND practical tools to take your biz to the next level!

> A magical manifesting mastermind that connects YOU with your Powerful Creator Self so you can start attracting abundance and all that is good!

New Earth Business Academy is your answer to having all the tools, tips, and strategies to usher in the New Earth business paradigm and Peaceful Prosperity consciousness for a happy, healthy biz, and a happy, wealthy YOU!

Peaceful Prosperity is your birthright and we at the Academy are here to help you remember this truth and fully embody your Spiritual Power!

We are here to provide you with countless opportunities to implement powerful change, and experience amazing breakthroughs in your business and life as you allow your spiritual gifts to flow through you and out to your perfect Tribe members.

Your Tribe is here to benefit from YOUR unique gifts, expertise, talents and wisdom!


kiancircle“Shoutout to the dream team Astra and Karen for helping me work through massive blocks. I am undergoing a huge change in my coaching business where I hope to make a massive revenue increase, and I’d been facing a lot of internal blocks, resistance and aggression while facing the tasks ahead of me. After both Astra and Karen helped me out, I feel like all my inner blocks are cleared, and I am totally free to go forward with my new offer, confident in the value I will provide. I highly recommend joining the New Earth Business Academy, if you want to get a taste of what this freedom feels like!”

Kian Xie, Generation Xie

Samacircle“I have been benefiting from the jubilant support of both Karen and Astra individually for several years, and more recently from the partnership they have entered into. I was already inspired and buoyed up by their light-hearted positivity and expertise on visibility and prosperity, and with the two of them together, the expansion is exponential. I received guidance from them yesterday, and was up past midnight brimming with renewed inspiration about my business and service to the world. They helped me clarify my specific flavor of service and the practical steps I could start to take that would be fun, easeful and effective to get the word out to the world about my business. I am ready to attract those ideal clients, the ones hungering for my services, with irresistible aromas of love, light, and transformation. Thanks so much Astra and Karen; I love you two so much!

~Sama Morningstar,


What is the Academy?

The New Earth Business Academy is:

>> A multi-dimensional, magical mastermind
>> A high vibrational business school
>> A hub for support and accountability from a group of powerful, heart-centered Universal Wisdom Leaders!

Our Tribe consists of a variety of completely gorgeous souls: Healers, coaches, shamans, teachers, artists, channels, mediums, leaders and lightworkers – to name just a few. We gather together regularly in our magical private Facebook group to check in, lock in our intentions, process through our challenges and celebrate our successes!


Our members receive weekly personalized biz and abundance coaching with Astra ~ and weekly personalized visibility and marketing support with Karen!

PLUS, we each share monthly channeled vibrational New Earth Business messages, via audio or video.

Together, we are MAGICAL “DOUBLE TROUBLE” – in the most fun way possible! 😀

When we connect with each other and with our clients, magic and miracles ensue, ALWAYS!

Our powerful coaching, support and audios provide the inner and outer building blocks and tools you need to successfully guide clients to greater awareness and greater results.

> With Astra’s weekly soulful biz and abundance coaching, personalized just for you, you always have all of the resources you need to connect you directly with your next, most empowered step as you relax into abundance and open to success!

> With Karen’s weekly vibrational visibility and marketing support, powerful action steps are always given so you have all you need to strengthen the new skills and techniques you are learning!


Our magical AND practical coaching and support are rolled out in a doable, easy-to-follow schedule that keeps you accountable ~ in a gentle and fun way ~ for all that you want to accomplish!


Who are Astra and Karen?

FairycircleAstra is the Messenger for Messengers, and Principal of the School of Empowerment! She supports spiritual business owners – healers, coaches, artists, writers, speakers and teachers – in creating a harmonious relationship with SELF and MONEY, so you can enjoy success and prosperity without the stress and struggle of the old-school business mindset. She helps you embrace your Inner Divine Money Manifestor…Step into your Powerful Creator Self…Open your arms & heart WIDE…and RECEIVE!

Astra has been doing M.A.P.™ Work (M.A.P. = Money, Abundance, Prosperity) with her clients since 2006.

She is:

  •     The Money Majesty Goddess
  •     The Soul Biz Wiz
  •     The Empowerment Queen


karen flowersKaren is a Self-Worth & Visibility Mentor and an Angelic & Mindful Marketing Strategist! She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs find their voice, share their gifts and get paid by taking their message world-wide!

Karen combines technology, Intuition, and Spirit to create fun, magical media mastery. She loves empowering others to create a powerful online presence and use social media for a greater good! She supports her clients in gaining visibility, packaging their knowledge and successfully selling their products and services.

She has learned in a powerful way – and now teaches – that your vibe attracts your tribe!


What you receive as a member of the Academy:

  • A private Facebook group where we gather as a Tribe, work through biz & abundance challenges, share our celebrations and AHA’s, support one another – and have huge FUN!
  • Personalized support & coaching with Karen and Astra in our weekly Sacred Hot Seats in the Facebook group  for greater abundance, visibility and success in your Soul Biz.
  • A hugely valuable Archives Library which includes 10 amazing Visibility Classes, PLUS meditations, audios, videos, Sacred Hot Seat audios & PDF’s geared towards greater abundance and visibility in your Soul Biz.
  • Monthly Channeled New Earth Biz Messages from both Karen and Astra!


“Before working with Astra and Karen I felt like I had ideas of what I wanted to do with my business, but I needed to get more clear on what direction to go. As a result of working with them I now meditate everyday, and actually am able to visualize what I want – which helps it to manifest at a much faster rate! I also have much more confidence now. I really have been able to hone in on my own powers and get in touch with ME on levels I thought were gone forever!! Karen and Astra bring such amazing love and light into what they put out there, it is a breath of fresh air. I see my business going in an upward direction far faster than I would if I had tried to do it alone. Anyone thinking about working with Astra and Karen needs to know that they are in good hands. They are always looking out for your best interest. The advice and ideas that they have collectively are worth every penny of their membership and any other program they put out there.”

~Julie Buttino, Infusion Skincare

As the Universe is expanding so are We.

The New Earth Business Academy is a beautiful support space for us all as we gather together and play in our amazing Global Tribe of kindred spirits!

Come play…Expand…SHINE!


AshleycircleAstra and Karen’s membership balances out business and spirituality perfectly! Karen’s beautiful meditations and business strategies along with Astra’s keen guidance on both spiritual and business matters have helped me smooth through everything that I’ve been struggling with. The natural flow and beautiful rhythm they provide is just what I needed! I cannot wait for my further spiritual and business growth!”

~Ashley Nicole Campbell



“My abundance has started flowing…in the form of ‘magic money.’ Today I took two jumps/leaps: Signing up for the business mastermind with Astra and Karen, and submitting some writing. One writing piece was entitled ‘Magic Money; Receiving Money from the Universe.’ Yesterday I went to a cafe to write/edit, and treated myself to a chai with my last coins till Friday. I felt grateful to be able to treat myself…(I used to be in ‘poor me’ energy in that same situation). Today my wish was to take the children to the pool, as it has been an extra hot summer day here in Australia; so I borrowed money from my son, intending on returning it on Friday. I go to pay for the pool entry and there is $50 in my purse!! It wasn’t there before, I pinkie swear! I’m becoming so aligned! I SO want this for others; this is what I am here to teach! Confirmation from the Universe! If you are thinking about joining their program but aren’t sure yet because of the money – but your soul is saying “YES”- PLEASE take a leap of faith! We need you to Be You!”

~Michelle Anne Gould, Abundant Spirit Education


The heavy, old school, OLD EARTH way of marketing through scarcity and fear is over!

It is time to:

  • Step into the New Earth business paradigm and learn uplifting, uniting ways to market your business!
  • Claim your inner peace for outer success!

Empowerment is about being in perfect alignment with no resistance to what you truly desire.

Have you been dreaming about how you can expand your business and impact the world? 

We are here to support you in doing just this!


YES!! I am in!


Monthly Membership: $127

Annual Membership (Save $165): $1359


Membership Policy:

Once you sign up for the New Earth Business Academy you retain your monthly, or annual, fee for as long as you remain a member. You may cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel you will retain membership in the Mastermind for the remainder of the most recent month, or year, paid for. Prices are subject to change. If you cancel your membership and rejoin at a later time and the price has changed, the new price will be your new monthly or annual fee.

Disclaimer: When you choose to step into your power as a conscious creator, you can create anything you desire. What you create during and after our work together depends on you. If you choose to be an aware participant in the creation of your own life and business, there are no limits to what you can create. But just to be legally correct in our biz we are including this disclaimer. Please read it! Thank you, Beautiful Ones! CLICK HERE TO READ DISCLAIMER